Joes Restoration Rescue. Our flagship product is a Sunbeam Alpine Timing Chain Cover made of billet aluminum.
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This is a graphic of the Joes Restoration Rescue logo and it states - Purveyors of fine automobile restoration parts - along with the telephone number - 215 721 0120
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As an avid car guy I often need specialty vintage parts for my various restoration projects. As you know, finding these parts can sometimes be very difficult. In my day job I own a large machine shop that uses CNC milling machines to make high quality products for the pharmaceutical and bio tech industry. I am putting these resources to work for guys like us. Car nuts. Guys who have unique vehicles with unique needs.

I have started with a billet aluminum timing chain cover for a Sunbeam Alpine. Over the next few years I will be constantly adding to our catalogue of machined billet parts. If you have an idea for a hard to find vehicle part that others could also use please get in touch and lets talk. Click the "Submit Your Application" link above and if we use your idea you will be the first to get the new billet part.
Joe Cero.
President: JoesRestorationRescue, Cer-Mac Inc & CMW Corp.

This is a graphic depicting the Joes Restoration Rescue logo. Header graphic that simply reads - Joes Restoration Rescue.
Our new Billet Aluminum Timing Chain Cover for the Sunbeam Alpine.

One of the unique problems involved with the restoration of the various series of the Sunbeam Alpine is the front timing chain cover for the 1725cc series V (five, 5) engine.
(Shown left is the anodized version which also includes the Sunbeam Lion engraved on the cam sprocket boss )
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The Timing Chain Pulley for the Sunbeam Alpine.

Special Sunbeam Alpine Rootes 4-Cylinder Harmonic Vibration Damper
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Sunbeam Alpine  Timing Pulley Repair Sleeve

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Sunbeam Alpine Damper Refurbishment.

Send us your old Sunbeam Alpine harmonic damper and we will fit it with a new repair sleeve for the small block Chevy oil seal fix.
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