At Joes Restoration Rescue we believe that your project deserves well built parts at a reasonable price.
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This is a graphic of the Joes Restoration Rescue logo and it states - Purveyors of fine automobile restoration parts - along with the telephone number - 215 721 0120
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About Joes Restoration Rescue.
This is a graphic depicting the Joes Restoration Rescue logo.

About Joes Restoration Rescue.

Joes Restoration Rescue is part of the CER-MAC Inc group of companies which also includes CMW Corp. They service the electronic, oil, aerospace, medical and original equipment manufacturers with unmatched precision machining services.

CER-MAC was founded in 1969 by Joe Cero Sr. The company has grown to occupy a huge 25,000 sq ft facility and includes many high tech state-of-the-art machining centers.

Currently at the helm is Joe Cero Jr and it is his love of vintage cars that has led to the creation of their automobile machining division Joes Restoration Rescue.

The first offering of Joes Restoration Rescue is a machined aluminum timing chain cover for the Sunbeam Alpine. This solves a problem faced by many Alpine owners, that of a leaky front timing cover oil seal and was certainly a problem with Joe's Sunbeam Alpine.

In the works are many more specific solutions for common automobile restoration problems. If you have an idea for a restoration item contact the rescue squad at Joe's using the "Submit An Application" page on this website.


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